The project will turn San Pedro Street into a two-sided street that offers unique retail opportunities showcasing San Jose innovation. Walk-in and counter service businesses will occupy these spaces.

The project shows the potential of what ground floor retail would look like on San Pedro Street.  
The transfer of parking to a retail incubation space for local businesses offers countless opportunities for enhanced street life, unique retail and a new downtown destination.

Original drawings:

The San Pedro Squared micro-retail project is located on the ground floor of the San Pedro Parking Garage across from some of the best dining and entertainment establishments 
downtown. This project will host local vendors, entrepreneurs, and artisans, offering a plethora of shopping and dining opportunities.

Updated drawings February 2018:

Four units and an entryway lobby will be built, with access from inside the garage and out on the street.

Custom articulated awnings, shade canopies and curb café seating will add visual interest and places to socialize to the streetscape.

San Pedro Squared will create a better connection between the street/sidewalk and garage.

The experience of San Pedro Squared starts inside the garage with brightly colored details and entry into the shops as well access to the street.

San Pedro Squared

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